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Stem Cells Body Phyto-Elite

The latest Phyto-Biology breakthrough in body ageing reversal! 

As cells turn over more slowly with ageing, skin becomes thinner, looser, rougher and more uneven. Pevonia’s Stem Cells Phyto-Elite® Intensive Body Corrector delivers a serious solution to body ageing and cellulite correction.

Its triphased homogenised formula harnesses the power of a clinically proven biotherapeutic blend of bio-active proteins from plant origin stem cells (unlike human stem cells, they are able to regenerate new organs through-out their total lifespan).

Infused with cellulite-busting complexes and other powerhouse ingredients, this transformative corrector works to improve firmness and elasticity, reduce unwanted fat and cellulitic deposits and smooth skin texture and tone. 

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Stem Cells Body Corrector - 120ml